Cow-dung composites to enhance everyday living 

All our composites have more than 50% dung
We got featured

Studio Lindey Cafsia is a Dutch studio using bio-mimicry and biophyllic design, to build a resilient future that is in sync with nature owned by industrial designer Lindey Cafsia.

Studio Carbon is an Indian-Dutch studio that works at the intersection of design, systems thinking and storytelling to build solutions for an abundant and thriving future.

we came together

Dungse is our innovation of using cow dung along with other bio based materials, to make composite materials that can substitute virgin wood, concrete, synthetic wool and plastic products in our homes and interiors. Giving this age old natural material a new spin can make it far more advanced in its properties and a lot more beautiful and accessible by urban and rural consumers.

About Dungse

Image by Pop & Zebra
Image by Luke Stackpoole

Some of the area's places where the Dungse product range can be applied in is construction industry like insulation, ceiling and wall tiles, sound-absorbing tiles, Insulating wall, ceiling and floor plasters, floor tiles. The lifestyle goods and interiors industry compressed boards to make furniture. Accessories for the house like lamps, vases, coasters, bird-homes. The sound industry like sound-absorbing room panels, speaker enclosures.





We believe in Systems


Contributing to Global SDGs

PHI Factory has identified more than 100 startups in The Netherlands that contribute to one or more goals of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Dungse is honoured to be featured in the list under the goal of Life on Land. Our dung based products help nurture not just life on earth, but also under it by reducing GHG emissions and waste generation.

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